Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Women's Diversification Expo

Last week I attended the Womens Diversification Expo. It was a free table event, just bring your own stock and table along. You also got fed morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.....which was the clincher that made me say yes!

Unfortunately, I only just made my petrol money back! So no luck sales wise, but it was a nice day.

 I lucked out finding a babysitter for the day and had to bring Miss 4 along.  I needn't have worried as she was kept busy eating copious amounts of cake and burgers, petting llamas, and even made a friend for the day.

We watched Poh's Mum from Masterchef cook some gorgeous Malaysian dishes. Miss 4 wolfed down the rib with sweet sauce.

We also listened to to the author of the Blue Ribbon Cookbook and the founder of Madame Flavour Teas give talks on how they became successful in their businesses.


We also got lots of freebies from the stalls including piggie banks, DVD's, money budgeting planners, teenage anxiety kits (this might come in handy in a few years!), chocolates and lollies. Miss 4 was rapt.

This was the second Womens Diversification Expo in Campbells Forest, Victoria.

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