Thursday, September 20, 2012

Double Helix Lustre Glass

From a couple of posts ago, I showed you all some new odd lots of silver glass from Double Helix. This is some of the purple lustre sparkles I played with last week.


The large dots are the sparkle lustres glass in purple.

Sparkle lustre is in the middle dots and top dots. These beads don't show it very well, but they look like teeny galaxies.

Overall, I am excited by what I can potentially get out of this glass. I am seriously kicking myself that I didn't get more of it, as it's now all sold out.

Here is another set of this glass as made by Aimee at Polychrome Beads:

Aren't they gorgeously divine? I love Aimee's beads!

Did anyone else grab some of this glass while it was available?

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