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Sent in from my wonderful customers. If you would like to email me a photo of your Bead-licious creation I would love to add it to this page.

Dear Carli,
Recently my friend gave me one of your lampwork glass raspberry faux bakelite necklace & earrings for my birthday, and I just had to write to tell you that you do wonderful work. I absolutely love them and have been wearing them constantly.
Kind regards,

Hi Carli,
Just a short note to let you know I received the lampwork beads today. Oh my God...they are stunning, beautiful, gorgeous and they have absolutely exceeded my espectations! I am a jewellery designer of three years; and I don't usually work with lampwork beads. But these were just so beautiful, I could hear them calling out to me; begging me to work with them!!!!
I am so glad I listened!
Many thanks,


Hi Carli
Thank you so much for the beautiful work you have done.
When I went to pick up my parcel on Friday morning, my intuition told me to take a purple leather string necklace that a client had given me. I decided I was just dreaming and left it at home. Imagine my surprise when I hurriedly opened up my parcel to find a beautiful focal bead inside. I couldn’t wait to get home and attach it to the leather necklace; It hasn’t come off my neck since then. My sister thinks your work is fabulous.
The new bracelet is wonderful and there is nothing I would like to change. I absolutely love dragonflies; they are my favourite insect. You have reflected my being in the bracelet. I will be wanting a few more pieces in the future.
I know the fork and knife set will be very much adored by the recipient of the gift. She is a very generous soul who “has everything”, so it is nice to be able to give her something that she won’t find in the retail stores.
Thanks again for some truly beautiful pieces.
J Yve


Hi Carli,
Just wanted to say thank you very much for today for letting me into your house to look at your beautiful jewellery. I really appreciate it, and thank you to your lovely parents for watching my boys and allowing me to concentrate on making a decision! 
I have looked at the beads so many times since I got home that I have wrapped them up in gift wrap! They really are beautiful, and $65 is not expensive for the beads given the time that must go into creating each one. People who think that is expensive really have no idea what it takes to make a quality piece of craft and have no idea about the time and care involved in making each piece. I can't wait to see my sister-in-laws face when she opens them, I think she will just love them!
Anyway, thank you again. I am sure I will be seeing you again as I have decided I would like to get some for myself now!
Cheers, Carla

Dear bead-licious,
The feedback page doesn't leave much room for comments, so I wanted to write you & tell you how beautiful that bead is -- and how surprised and delighted I was to receive the extras, too! The "Jade Urn" focal is truly stunning; I couldn't be happier! I've been collecting (and making jewelry with) lampwork beads for some time, and your Jade Urn is one of my top 6 all-time favorites.
I've added your name to my "favorites" list and have left you good feedback too, of course. Thank you again for your beautiful artistry and for sending your beads so beautifully and safely packaged. Have a great week!
Regards, April


The delightful Debbie Anderson

By the wonderful and inspiring Claudia Rubenstein

By Susan Burton, with the matching dress!

The above 2 by awesomely creative Kirstin Butler

I am completely in love witht his one by Claudia Rubenstein

Claudia Rubenstein

Kirstin Butler

Gaye Atkins wearing her Hoot!

By Mel Weigard

By Sue Burton

By Claudia Rubenstein

By Suzie James

By Kirstin Butler


The by the gorgeous Margaret!

By Teena

The 3 above by Claudia Rubenstein