Friday, September 7, 2012

Kirra Flame On 2012

Yesterday the Flaming Matildas went to see the 2012 Flame On exhibition at Kirra Gallery in Federation Square.

Christian Arnold was demonstrating in the morning.

Helen Peake was making Bullseye beads on a hothead.
Cas Davey's work
Christian Arnold.  I bought on of those awesomely cool eye bangles!
Large hollowed beads necklaces.
Richard Clements wall hangings.  I have been lusting after on of these for years.  Anybody want to buy me one?  I have a few of Richard's perfume bottles and love them all.  His daughter, Jemma, also is a glass artist and I have a gorgeous marbloe I got from her last time I was in Tasmania.
And I loved these chooks by Richard!  The oval one looks like she's laying an egg!
Laurie Young's Orchids
Christain Arnold's Star Wars looking creature.
Nautillus sculptures by Laurie Young.
If you have the chance to visit Kirra this week to see the exhibition, I highly recommend doing so.  The quality of work is amazing and it's mesmerising watching the demonstators.


  1. Thanks for the photos Carli, especially because they have captions xxx

  2. Ok if I wasn't already envious, I am now! Stunning pieces... looks like I shall have to make the effort to get down there for next year!