Friday, August 31, 2012

Do You Want To See My Setup??

You don't need a fandangle Studio room custom built for you in the backyard.
SURE, it would be the bees knees and yep, I'll probably kill for one....but most of the time us beaders are stuck in the garage.

Wanna see my fancy setup?

Here is my burnt little desk in the corner, in amongst the paintcans and power tools.  Oh, and my ventilation?  The double garage door right next to my chair! ;)


The glass. Yep, I'm a glass ho. And that's not even all of it....I have another 30 kilos stashed away in a box.

My Paragon Bluebird XL kiln. Big enough for a whole day's beadmaking, and even then it won't get filled up. It also gets hot enough to fuse, if I ever want to venture into that one day.

I have a couple of torches and currently I have the CC hooked up. It runs on a 5 LPM oxygen concentrator and a gas bottle.

The graphite shapers, imprinters and general tools.

Frit, leaf, foil, CZ's and powders.

Last but certainly not the least, most of the presses.

Got any questions? Please comment!

I would also love to see photos of other lampworker's work spaces.  If you have any photos online, pls point me in the direction of them.


  1. I don't have nearly as much stuff to play with. I do have a dedicated's my daughter's old bedroom.

  2. You have set yourself up well! And organised! Did I say organised? Looks great. Thanks for sharing.