Sunday, October 12, 2014

I Can Now Spill The Beans On My HUGE Order!

The Bead Society of Victoria recently commissioned 10 Victorian Lampwork artists to submit a bead design to be incorporated into their Anniversary giveaway for all their members.  So 10 of us each had to make 40 focal beads......all the same 40 beads!

After the 20 bead hump, making the rest flew by quite quickly.  And it wasn't such a chore if you only made 5 or 6 every bead session!

My design was a 40mm bicone focal with an Ivory base, rolled in Gold pixie dust, Double Helix Terra flowers with vine and leaves.  Depending on the flame, each flower turned a different shade of rainbow color, they turned out quite pretty in real life.

I then individually bagged them into a gift bag with a small business card so they knew who made their present!

Were you a recipient of an Anniversary bead?  And which artist did you receive yours from?

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