Wednesday, May 23, 2012

CiM Testing: Moana

Moana is a new color from CiM that I tested recently for Affordable Inspirations. Kerry also sent me a few other colors she wanted it mixed with and this included: Split Pea, Lilac, Purple Haze and Heffalump.

This set was made with Moana as the base and the others colors striped as the flower cane. The donut spacers are Blue Moon spotted with Lilac.

This focal is Moana layered over white. Layering it gave it a very slight lighter appearance.

Moana was lovely to melt and it melted very easily with no scumming or devit. It also played nice with the dichro with no compatibility issues. When heted super hot it can turn a slight miky color, see the ends of some of the beads in the set above.

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