Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Booth Displays

I'm sure that you all can agree with me that Bead booth displays are a constant headache and a never ending juggling act. Here is the 'evolution' of my booth from the start......and I'm STILL not happy with the way it looks!

My very first bead showing. Notice the hand drawn signage at the back!!

My second and first 'big' show at Melbourne, Bead and Gem.  It was tiny and I only had a 1 metre opening!  We had to duck under the table to get into the booth.  Despite the lack of size, this show was my best show to date dollars wise and I haven't made close to it since.  Sigh.

A 3/4 of a metre spot at the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Show, exhibiting with Pearl's Creations a few years ago.  I'm still sticking with the all black theme.

Next was the Bead Expo in Moorabbin.  Decided to lighten the table up a bit and ditched the black.

My fourth show at the Melbourne Bead and Gem. Hi Kelli!  I went bigger that year, opting for a corner booth.  I also ditched the bed sheet for a table cover and got a 'proper' trestle table cover made!

And the fifth, Bead Expo in Moorabbin.

Earlier this year at The Square Handmade Market in Bendigo.

At the Craftalive show in June. I finally have signage I am happy with!

Any tips or suggestions for me on what YOU would do with my booth display?


  1. You're really beautiful in that photo :)

  2. Hi Carli..I definitely like the predominantly white look rather than black..and the sign is so good. The whole look is so pulled together and looks fab.

  3. OH your display looks grand. I always use white for my table cover. I find it more inviting than black and the colors pop. Funny thing, about 45min from me there is a place called crazy beads and they teach classes on making glass beads. I was going to attend at one point, but knowing me i'll have to do it and then buy all the supplies and then have way too many beads than i know what to do with and to try and sell them in our little community...and well....better for me if i don't start ha ha...tfs